completely natural bath bombs

no synthetic fragrances.

no synthetic dyes or colors.

no parabans.

no micas.

no phthalates.

no polysorbates.


                                                                                    Bath bomb is time.

I know the bright colors are fun. I know the strong fragrances are appealing. The bubbles, the spinning, the tricks...I get it. But ladies..they are toxic. Dyes, micas (with dyes and lead), synthetic fragrances, emulsifiers, polysorbates, parabans, they are no good for our skin. And since everything we put on our skin absorbs into our bodies...they are definitely no good for our bodies either.
Blue egg farmstore's bath bombs are made from handcrafted organic green tea butters and plant infused, skin loving oils that heal and nurture your skin...colorings that come from clay, aronia berries, beets, turmeric, fair trade cocoa or spinach, pure magnesium to destress and detoxify, and all of the essential oils that are gentle and disperse in your tub evenly throughout your bath. are so worth it.