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what if?

In our family, we love birthdays, Christmastime, and really any opportunity to celebrate someone meaningful. We are big on traditions, rhythms and honoring the seasons. We give and share our love freely, but on special days, we pause a little longer and really focus on what we see are the strengths of that person, the season or the occasion. New Years is really no different...

We are not huge on resolutions, as it seems to create undue pressure, an attitude of lack and then, subsequent guilt when they are not fulfilled. It has us focus on our imperfections and what we don't like about ourselves. I am not sure any of us needs more of that in our lives.

For us, we have found that being grateful for what we already have and what we already love about ourselves, changes everything.

What if we completely accepted who we are, as-is, and loved ourselves unconditionally, instead?

What if, instead of resolving to lose 15 pounds, we looked into the mirror and loved every bit of our body? And what if we shared that attitude with our children?

What if, instead of resolving to be a better mom or dad or wife or husband, we accepted that we all do our best...and that is just perfect.

What if, instead of focusing on the imperfections, we focused on the strengths?

What if, instead of focusing on other's imperfections, we focused on their strengths? and celebrated them?

What if?

Welcome to the Spector family day of celebration. Although our day was filled with hot chocolate, family games, and a special dinner of roasted duck, the most meaningful part of our celebration was our gratitude journals. The children spent hours decorating them and then exchanged their notebooks with myself and their siblings so that they could write what they absolutely LOVED about the other person. Because we all need a little reminder about how awesome we all are...

Happy New Year! It might just be the most magnificent year ever...

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