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Grounding blends of frankincense & eucalyptus to give you some respite after a chaotic day...

Salt soaks are so very important in our life...whether you have time for a full on bath or a simple foot soak, the activated charcoal salts will draw out impurities from your body, while the Himalayan sea salts and red Hawaiian salts add essential trace minerals back into added bonus is the magnesium powder that helps with anxiety, stress and balancing moods...I absolutely love these!


customer love: "I recently just heard of these amazing products at the Villa Park Fall Craft show and I am in love with your body soaks. The almond and honey scent is the best! I just bought a bottle on Friday and I can't wait to order more! So happy to have discovered you!"

activated charcoal soak: frankincense & eucalyptus

  • epsom salts, dead sea salt, himalayan sea salt, red Hawaiian salt, activated charcoal salts, benonite clay, magnesium powder, essential oils (dependent on scent)

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