our newest line of aromatherapy massage oils... a more concentrated version of our aromatherapy roll-ons, these oils are green tea based and filled with your favorite essential oils to nourish and heal. Energizing fills your senses with peppermint and lavender to give you the extra boost. Motivating is based off of our popular 'kick in the pants' roll-on and has undertones of citrus and cinnamon. Love is a mix of rose, lavender and sweet orange...the perfect combination for this love potion. Calming is based on our popular 'calm the heck down' roll-on and is a blend of vanilla, lavender and sweet orange. And finally, our grounding frankincense massage oil...so healing and so protective. Each glass bottle holds 4 fluid ounces.

aromatherapy massage oils

  • green tea infused olive oil, fractionated coconut oil, essential oils (based on the scent)