Get your spooky on with our Halloween bath bomb cupcakes! The topping is made with kaolin clay and activated charcoal for drawing out impurities from your skin while the bath bomb itself is made with a handcrafted green tea butter and magnesium flakes to soothe tired bodies..enjoy!




day of the dead bath bomb cupcakes

  • baking soda, green tea butter, magnesium flakes, calendula infused olive oil, citirc acid, buttermilk pwder, red turkey castor oil, eo or organic flavor oil (dependent on scent), may contain: aronia berry powder, cocoa powder or lead free mica powder)

    topping: organic powder sugar, distilled water, kaolin clay, meringue powder, vanilla extract, vanilla eo. may contain activated charcoal, aronia berry powder, lead free mica, food grade sprinkles, non edible toppings