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not only are these butters the most delicious smelling bath product you will ever own, but they make your skin feel completely luxurious and edible. With so many yummy flavors to choose from, now with the sampler pack tower, you don't have to. Made from mango, shea, green tea and jojoba butters and enough oils to keep your skin smooth until our next farmer's market. oh. my. yum.


Butter towers are available in 6-2 ounce jars ...please note blends you would like in your set when ordering...lavender & tangerine, grapefruit & salt, frankincense & eucalyptus, mint & lime, red raspberry & tarragon, rosemary & lemongrass, almond & honey, lemon & ginger, orange & clove, and lime & bergamot 

green tea butter tower

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