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Happy bars are here! these are not your mama's lotion bars...happy bars are filled with happy plant infusions like st. john's wort and lavender, that help alleviate unhappy moods and magnesium oil to reduce stress and anxiety. Plus skin loving green tea and chamomile butter to keep your skin smooth and soft all day long...these little gems come in all of the blue egg farmstore essential oil blends that you love: elevation (orange, cinnamon & clove), sweet love (raspberry, tarragon and hints of basil), energizing (lemon & ginger), grounding (frankincense & eucalyptus), uplifting (lime & bergamot), relaxing (lavender & tangerine), bliss (almond & honey) and clarity (grapefruit and rosemary). available in 1 ounce bars

happy bars: mini magnesium lotion bars

  • beeswax, green tea* butter, st. john's wort*, chamomile* & lavender* infused olive oil, magnesium oil, essential oil blend (dependent on the scent)


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