ah...nothing wakes me up better than a kick from the aroma of grapefruit...and then the minerals in salt soaking in my body right after a shower. This is pure love on a Sunday afternoon...

and in a lotion spray...my favorite use is to spray it on my body right after a shower to seal in the moisture...it leaves my skin silky smooth for the rest of the day...


and now, my favorite shower spray is made with the healing properties of magnesium...start your day with grace and ease (and soft skin) with the powerful, stress relieving mojo of magnesium.


So much goodness in 8 ounces!

magnesium spray lotion: grapefruit & salt

  • aloe vera juice, green tea* butter, calendula* infused olive oil, magnesium. emulsifying wax nf, lavender flowers, leucidal liquid (radish root ferment), essential oil blend (dependent on the scent)