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we are so over the moon about this newest member of the blue egg family! Protect spray guards against chlorine absorption into the skin, which means less worry for the parents and more trips to the pool for the kids...made with filtered rainwater, infusions of green roobos, hawthorne berries, rose hips, lemon verbena, hibiscus flowers, red clover and taurine....

and one of our customers: "I usually feel pretty sick after a dip in a highly chlorinated pool and it was making the summers, well, not so fun. I tried your protect spray, followed by your sun protection spray and honestly...I swam all day. THANK you!!!"

This stuff is THAT amazing!

protect: swim spray

  • aloe vera juice, coconut oil, emulsifying wax nf, beeswax, green tea* butter, green roobos*, hawthorne berries*, rose hips*, elderberry*, lemon verbena*, hibiscus flowers*, mullein*, red clover blossom*, rose petals*, taurine powder, vitamin c powder,

    leucidal liquid


  • the chemical structure of the vitamin c neutralizes chlorine and chloramine...spraying on before you go in the pool coats and absorbs into the skin for protection..using it afterwards neutralizes the chlorine on your skin...the taurine chelates (or binds) the chlorine while detoxifying the body...

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