July 23, 2019

You know me. I don't always play by the rules. I am not one to hide behind the shoulds. And although I care deeply what you think of me, it doesn't stop me from stepping up in such a transparent way, it sometimes might make you feel uncomfortable. You see...I have earned this. I have struggled to get here. I have worked hard to be able to know it is ok to show up fully. Because if I didn't, you would be lov...

June 20, 2019

I am no expert here. I know that’s not exactly what you want to hear. I can’t even tell you that I don’t struggle with this myself.... daily. And the people I love around me, I see struggle with it just as much as I do.  But let’s back up.

I know you want to hear how to make your man love you more. Maybe your expecting me to tell you the tricks In feeling safe and secure in your relationship. How do you get...

June 10, 2019

I used to think that my life was made up of a few very big decisions. I can sometimes look back and pick out those big moments where my life changed in a completely different direction. The no going back, this is huge kind of direction. The ones where my life would look completely different if I would have decided on...well...something else.

Breaking up with my high school sweetheart, getting married, going...

April 30, 2019

That there is an end-of-April snow creature. I can't promise you it will be the last one we will make this season, as we have seen snow in May before, but we are hoping. In all fairness, we went out in the morning to create this idyllic masterpiece and by the afternoon, all that was left of it was one raisin and a chewed up carrot in a puddle of melted snow. It was that quick. And today? Well, we will put o...

April 15, 2019

When I first moved down to the driftless area in Wisconsin 15 years ago, I was mesmerized by the beauty this place had to offer. The ridges and valleys are uncommon for this part of the Midwest, the never ending rivers and creeks are everywhere and the quiet you find in the woods can make any stressful day melt away instantaneously. There is an extra deep breath in the coffee brewed around here, especially...

April 4, 2019

I woke up to hot coffee and the sound of birds this morning. Here in Wisconsin, the birds are a welcomed sound and a reminder of warmer weather ahead...as typically in early April, there are no guarantees that you will not wake up to large amounts of snow still covering the ground.  So when you hear these creatures singing, you know something good is on it's way. Something that you haven't felt for the last...

March 24, 2019

I'd like to think I was an honest girl. I'd like to think that if you and I are tight, you know me. Like really know me. And, I'd like to think I know you, too...and maybe we do. Maybe we know each other in the exact way in which we put ourselves out there...how we want others to see us. The image we want to create and offer to the people close to us.

For myself, I know that if I really paid attention to you...

March 14, 2019

This winter has been long. If you live in the Midwest, I imagine you have felt it to. Here in Wisconsin, we have had record snowfall and it just keeps coming. I am not one for complaining but this year...it's dragging. The snow is up to our windows and has already covered most of the patio furniture on the deck, the winter firewood is so low that wearing an extra layer seems more appealing than buying more...

February 22, 2019

Yep. That's me. Seventh grade and rocking the perm and braces look. At a science fair, no less. Two weeks before this, I was begging my mom to take me to the hair salon for the 'feathered' looked...convinced that would somehow a new hairstyle would transform me into cool status instantaneously. She talked me into the perm because she thought it would not only look 'cute' (mom, I was really not going for cut...

February 12, 2019

I wrote a story on love last week (find it here).  Specifically, how our first experiences shape our views on what love looks like, and then, how it feels to us as we get older. I was pretty real with you, I know. After hitting the publish button, I made a cup of tea and...well...took my phone off the hook.

And then I got an email. And then another. And then another. All sharing what your stor...

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Hi there...thanks for stopping by and welcome to our little life. We are an unschooling family of four who believes in practicing gratitude, making potions and believing in magic. Although one time, not too long ago, our funky family lived without running water or electricity and desired to live life comparable to the days of Little House on the Prairie. Despite the wishes of the nine year old to return to those days, we are now living with an actual bathtub (read: not cow trough) and a silver faucet that when lifted in the upward direction, water will come directly out of it. Enjoy our blog that is written about everything from homesteading to body care and all that falls in between...

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