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what do you want to create?

There is this saying that goes, "life doesn't happen to you, but instead, life happens for you." It is an interesting way to think because, if you are similar to me, you don't enjoy feeling powerless. You like to feel as if we have an active role in what we are creating here in this lifetime. We are not passive players have a say...but what is even more inspiring is how much of an actual say you have, depends entirely on you.

That's right. You get to decide exactly how much love you want in your life. You get to decide how much free time you want, what kind of car you want to drive, what style of house you want to live in, what job you want, how much money you wish for and...ready for this one? You get to decide exactly who you want to be. And the only thing stopping you

Everything we have...everything we have ever wanted to become, at some point started with a thought. Every idea, every dream, every vision...started with us thinking about it first. Our thoughts have immense power in this world and what we chose to do with them next can chart our path in an entirely different direction than what we are used to. Our capacity to live the life we love...I mean actually love, is completely unlimited. We are just that magical.

"Our life always expresses the result of out dominant thoughts" -Soren Kierkegaard

So, check it out...when we set a goal and give it some high energy thought, we are actually creating our future in advance. We are laying out our cards to the universe with intention. We are setting the foundation for what we actually want our life to be like. The key here is not the goal itself, but the thoughts surrounding the goal. How you manage your thoughts are everything...

Stay with me here...

Imagine something you want. Go big for a minute. Something that actually excites you. It can be anything from a new love to a new house (and all that falls in between). I am going to put it out there, for this example, that we want a new car...

Close your eyes and think to yourself, how it feels to want this does it feel to hope for this car? To wish for it? Maybe even have a strong desire for it. A little passive, but not bad, right?

Now switch gears with me...close your eyes again and smile this time. Lift your chin up, straighten your shoulders. Take a deep breath in and actually visualize you driving this car down the freeway. Get really clear on what it looks like, down to the style and color. See yourself driving this car. Visualize how the car looks when the sun hits it in that sweet spot, how it makes you feel to drive it. More importantly, think about how it would feel if you already had this car. It's sitting out in your driveway just waiting for you. You own it. It's yours. Let that feeling sit with you...Now open your eyes and believe it is yours...feel any different?

Notice the change that can be made with just your thoughts? You don't get to 'not' don't get to 'not' are creating with every thought that goes into your being. Why not create something you absolutely love? This is how your dreams start..this is how you change the game and this is just the beginning. Take all of your goals and start to become obsessed with the energy of how it would feel if you already have achieved every single one of them. Think about this in the morning...right before you start your day...and get ready to write a new script of how you want your life to look...anything is possible. And this is where we start.

We are making some big moves here at Blue Egg Farmstore and are committed to helping you create a healthy body, healthy mind and crazy good life...join us next week for part two in this series of creating a crazy good life. your welcome.

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