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welcoming the change

When I first moved down to the driftless area in Wisconsin 15 years ago, I was mesmerized by the beauty this place had to offer. The ridges and valleys are uncommon for this part of the Midwest, the never ending rivers and creeks are everywhere and the quiet you find in the woods can make any stressful day melt away instantaneously. There is an extra deep breath in the coffee brewed around here, especially when paired with a good book and a little bit of sunshine.

And despite the snowfall we had a few days ago, the cold is on it's way out. The days of hibernating are coming to an end and people are slowly opening their doors, stepping outside and waking up from this deep sleep we call winter. It's different for us here, in the country. The world out there sometimes doesn't exist to us in the way that others experience it...and lately, I have been ok with that. It feels comforting to know what to expect, to feel protected, to breathe a little easier...It feels good to have learned to lean into the stillness and the quiet and instead of filling it with noise and distractions, just letting it be.

On some level, our little family has all appreciated the peace of country life. We have all had experiences that have grounded us and brought us to this point of ease. We have come to enjoy this rhythm in our lives, but as always, changes are coming. They always do, right? Some changes are welcomed, some are unexpected and some grab you in the middle of the night and drag you out of your bed kicking and screaming. I have had all of these lately and more are on their way. My 15 year old, after being homeschooled her whole life, has decided to go to school...and is loving it (see the story here). My just-turned 18 year old has bought himself a bus ticket to head out east for a couple of weeks on his first solo adventure. He is nervous, but also excited for this new journey. And me? well...I am basking in the beauty of love...

And with that, I am finding myself ready for what is ahead and realize that, for me, change is all about this incredible opportunity to dust off those areas within that have been hibernating. To stretch a bit more and find what we are really made of...what we really can do with this life we have. What we want to create while we are here. How we want to spend this little amount of time we have...because really, it is so very little.

I know there is greatness out there beyond the comforts of my little life. There is beauty out there beyond what I can see out my window. And there is greatness and beauty out there beyond the comforts of your life, too. I know it. Sometimes it takes jumping before you can see what is below. Sometimes it takes yourself, in the Universe, in God, and just plowing ahead despite the incredible fear of what might happen. Because what might happen is often pretty beautiful. But if we don't...if we don't stretch ourselves just a little bit, we find our time is up before we have even stepped off the ledge. Before we have even seen what we are capable of...before we have pushed ourselves to see just what we are made of...

And sometimes it takes just buying the damn bus ticket and then see where it takes you.

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