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lessons on vulnerability

I had my second marriage proposal in two months this past weekend. Granted, it was from a 30 year old who might have had one too many beers while we were watching the UFC fight in Minneapolis, so it probably didn't even count. I'm pretty sure it didn't. But what did count was his complete openess to just strip away the pretenses and, just for a moment, be completely vulnerable. Regardless of the Corona in his hand, there is an element of risk that goes into to asking someone you just met two hours prior to be with you on a more permanent felt a bit like the carelessness of high school paired with every bad decision I have ever made mixed up into one night. Fortunately, I have gained a bit of wisdom since high school and have learned to not accept every marriage proposal I have gotten over the years at face value.

But this vulnerablity thing...

There is something quite beautiful about it. There is something quite brave. Something that is so appealing. To show up without giving too many cares about how others will see you. To walk into a conversation, as is. To be a part of a relationship where you are seen for who you are instead of who you think you should be, or who you want to present yourself as. To be accepted for the work in progress that we all are. To love the process of how we grow, unfold, reshape. And to do it in a way that honors who we are...right now.

Being vulnerable means a little more exhale in our lives. A few less walls. A lot less giving a shit what others might think when the real beauty comes out. It's about creating real connections based on real stuff. Making changes that are more in alignment with where you are headed. Digging deep and throwing away what no longer works for you, including parts of this old self that keeps holding you back. She once served you when you needed her. She might have even protected you...but now it's time to stand in the light, and instead of hiding and making excuses, we step up. We are that powerful. We are that crafty. We are wise, beautiful, and kickass. We create whatever we want and we do that in a way that honors who we want to be...what path we want to go on...right in this moment.

Readers...the year is quickly coming to an end. It has been a great ride, these last ten months. But, it's time to set the intention of where we are headed and leave what no longer serves us behind us. It's time to pack the suitcase with what we want to take with us...with how we want to be seen...with how we want to be treated. It's time to be seen for you and all of your beautiful selves. To show up more fully with who you are, unapologetically... It's time to trust that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be.

Nothing is left behind that is meant to stay with you. Breathe that in. Trust that. Know that you have everything you need. Right now. Be brave. Be vulnerable and lean in to where you are headed...where we all are headed into this together.

And watch out for those 30 year olds..they have more lessons to teach us than we could ever know.

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