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out with the old

It's 72 degrees here today. I am sitting outside in a t-shirt and shorts, writing this blog. I might even have sunglasses on. And if you know me at all, you don't even have to ask if I have a hat on. That might not all sound so impressive until you realize it is November. In Wisconsin. And last week, it was snowing. And although we put away all of the patio furniture weeks ago, we did manage to drag out a few lawn chairs from the back of the garage. And we might have refilled the propane tanks to enjoy a few more days of grilling out. The patio umbrella is making another quick appearance, the windows are all open, the spritzers are being poured and picnics are back on for a few days. All of this so that we could enjoy these last little bits of warm weather before the cold comes this way. You see, we Wisconsinites are used to the back and forth. We are shapeshifters of sorts. We can adapt at a moments notice to sudden change and revel in it. We can throw on our snow boots one day and be ready for the bathing suit the next. We have had lots of training in these sharp turns and I think, by now, we are quite good at it. And with all that is going on right now in our little world, we need to be.

And you probably do, too.

And I don't mind the shifts, but what I am finding is that there always seems to be a great sense of loss with many of these changes that we all are facing But if I look for it, I can usually find something even better to take it's place. Whether that's a lesson learned, wisdom gained, new friendships, new loves, more family time. Less toxicity, more beauty, more respect, clearer's there. All around us...if you look for it. And friends, these days, that is what I am after.

And the Universe is so wise, that if I forget this, someone will come into my life to remind me of these lessons. Someone to remind me of how I don't like to be treated, or on the flipside, how I deserve to be treated. Someone to remind me that having people to count on in my life is sometimes more important to me than breathing. And that if I can't count on you, it's ok to not have you a part of my little life. We all have that choice. To carve out our life the way we want it. To include only the people that have our backs and weed out the ones that don't. To surround ourselves with solid, good folks and set aside the one's that make you feel...well...disposable.

Or unworthy.

Or unlovable.

Or too emotional.

Or too needy.

Or not needy enough.

Or (fill in the blank).

These ever-changing times are hard enough, as it is. We don't need more challenges. We don't need more unrest in our lives. We don't need more chaos.

We need the beauty of a 72 degree weather day when it should be snowing. And today, my friends, is exactly what we have.

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