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cellulite got you down? draw out those toxins and smooth what needs smoothing. Seaweed and rosemary infusions paired with benonite clay leaves your bum feeling like it can take whatever the day brings it. 4 ounces of goodness


P.S. you can use this anywhere cellulite has you down, including your legs and arms. For best results,  follow with booty polish and booty frosting. 


customer love:

"The booty products. I have been using this on my lower stomach where I have “I’ve had a baby or two” skin! :-). It’s smoothing that out!! I’ve been taking photos of progress but if this works for moms with stretch marks or just a little loose skin that’s a WHOLE OTHER BALLGAME you just started playing!! I’m super excited"

booty wrap

  • aloe vera juice, witch hazel, benonite clay, activated charcoal, kelp*, green tea infused oil, fair trade coffee, rosemary essential oil, leucidal liquid


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