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there is nothing more special than being able to use butter this in the reminds me of my childhood days of picking raspberries until my fingers were stained red, along with the shirt I used to wipe my hands off with...a dead give away that I had eaten more than I picked. This butter...sweet like raspberries, hints of tarragon and a touch of basil. Just add whip cream (not really, but...oh. yum).


made from handcrafted green tea butters and calendula infusions that melt right into your skin without leaving an oily residue behind. say goodbye to dry forever.

pure amazingness in 4 oz jars


customer love: "My hands would be cracking already with the cooler MN weather settling in, but I have noticed this year that my hands are crack free and soft :) The love and energy put into these products coupled by the carefully selected herbals, essential oils and pure identifiable ingredients is blue egg farmtastic!"


"just gotta share how much I LOVE the tubs of body butter... I think I have every 'flavor'. They work absolute wonders, naturally, on new tattoos. I've tested it going on 4 tattoos now and it's still the BEST... thank you!!!! p.s. keep making new scents for me to try."



green tea butter: raspberry & tarragon

  • coconut oil*, green tea* infused shea butter, calendula* infused cold pressed olive oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder, lanolin, essential oil blend


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