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this blend brings me back to my childhood days when my nana would sprinkle just a little salt on top of my grapefruit before eating it for breakfast...and although this soap is not to eat, it's just as aromatic as the real thing.


we are loving our newest addition to our blue egg farmstore line and so will you. our anti-bacterial salt soaps add trace minerals back into your body while cleansing your entire body...use in the shower or leave by the sink to not only get your body squeaky clean, but smell nice too.


pick from our 4 ounce foaming pump or our 8 ounce pump soap


available in all of our nine signature essential oil blends (also available in our yummy kid's blends in the play section)

organic salt soap: grapefruit and salt

  • distilled water, saponfied olive oil*, coconut oil*, sunflower oil*, aloe vera, shea butter, argan oil, himalayan sea salt, essential oil blend, citric acid


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