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our party bomb is made from handcrafted green tea butters to nourish dry skin, magnesium flakes for destressing, and benonite clay which draws impurities out of your body. Pure relaxation heaven and nourishment for your skin....scented with birthday cake (organic flavor oil and vanilla eo)..


natural spinkle toppings may vary but all are colored with veggie and fruit colors


no polysorbate 80, no slsa, no synthetic colors, no synthetic fragrances. Finally, a bath bomb you can feel comfortable soaking in your tub with. enjoy!


please note...bath may be slippery when finished, so take care in getting out. Also, we use very little natural coloring in our bombs, but you may need to wipe down tub after a good long soak.


  • baking soda, green tea butter, magnesium flakes, calendula infused olive oil, citirc acid, buttermilk pwder, benonite clay, red turkey castor oil, bubblegum organic flavor oil, vanilla eo

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