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clean, brighten, tone, remineralize and make your skin even more radiant than it already is. This toner gives your face a quick pick me up before I put my make up is like a primer to help your skin glow. I use this before my prickly pear day cream in the morning and then again as a dirt and make up remover. Made with infusions of plantain, green tea, cactus seed oil, sea salts, black cumin seed oil, licorice root, rose and lavender. your face will thank you. 2 ounces.


some customer love:

"The toner is AH-MAZING! I am not joking I can visibly see the luminous effects after using it. I have even took before/after pics (which my husband would kill me if he knew I told you he let me do it with him!) but that’s what convinced him it really works. He saw his before/after and was shocked!!"

prickly face toner

  • green tea* infused olive oil, apple cider vinegar, plantain*, cactus seed oil, black cumin seed oil, licorice root, rose petal infusion*, witch hazel, chamomile*, lavender*, himalayan sea salts, rose absolut


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