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get ready to bring radiance back into your skin care regime! meet our new shea sugar cleanser/exfoliator made with fair trade sugars, red alalea and Hawaiian black lava salts, activated charcoal, shea butters and all of the superfoods of skincare. green tea to reactivate skin cells, mexican marigold infusions to heal skin, and cactus seed oil, one of the world's best skin care oils, to promote skin's elasticity. so much healing. use with prickly butter and prickly intensive under eye oil for complete healing. 8 oz


customer love: 
"The Prickly Pear Line (I use the scrub, oil roll on, (now the toner) and then butter at night & cream in the AM. This is HANDS DOWN THE BEST facial care Line I have ever used. First I am religious about it. I never skip a step and I do it every day. The way my face feels after a long day of wearing makeup and then after I do my regimen, it’s skin has never been in better condition. I’ve never had bad skin, but as we age...well yeah. This stuff makes my skin flawless"  Thanks Tara!

prickly: radiant face polish

  • brown sugar, chamomile* infused virgin olive oil,  shea butter, green tea* butter, red alalea salt, Hawaiian black lava salt, himalayan sea salt, cactus seed oil, rose absolut




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