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double the fun with these extra large milkshake bath bombs. twice as big as our popular cupcakes, these are strawberry with a chocolate syrup to make your bath smell so deliciously yummy. topped with a cherry coconut milk soap...

Or choose our hot chocolate bath bomb milkshake with two vanilla marshmallow soaps on top!


no polysorbate 80, no slsa, no synthetic colors, no synthetic fragrances. Finally, a bath bomb you can feel comfortable soaking in your tub with. enjoy!

milkshake bath bombs

  • baking soda, green tea butter, magnesium flakes, calendula infused olive oil, citirc acid, buttermilk pwder, benonite clay, red turkey castor oil, eo (dependent on scent)

    topping: organic powder sugar, distilled water, meringue powder, vanilla extract, witch hazel, grapefruit seed extract, vanilla eo

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