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happy. uplifting. energizing. all for the underarms!


welcome our newest member of the stink family...stink spray! Cooling, drying and really good for your body and eh...pits. Made from distilled and infused vodka (infused with vitamin c loving plants like hawthorne berries and lemon verbena), magnesium oil to help balance moods and all of the signature blue egg farmstore essential oil blends you love!

wake up to our most popular essential oil blend of lemon and ginger...pure yum for and natural odor control for everyone else. enjoy!


Please note: the stink spray is alcohol based. If you shave your underarms, it is recommended to wait an hour or so before spraying our deliciousness on them, as it will give your underarms a bit o' sting if applied directly afterwards...


customer love: "I am over the moon happy to have finally found a non-toxic and effective deodorant that smells and feels amazing! With my super sensitive skin and passion for products that are truly safe for me and my family these products make my heart so happy. I am working through her other amazing products and I am blown away with their smell and quality."

stink spray: lemon & ginger

  • distilled vodka, magnesium oil, green roobos, hawthorne berries, rose hips, elderberry, lemon verbena, hibiscus flowers, mullein, red clover blossom, rose petals, essential oil blend

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