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It is one of those mornings. The alarm went off too early, the coffee isn't quite cutting it and you just want to crawl back into bed, but the kids won't let you. Enter in our citrus lime and bergamot scrub...if this can't get you going, might as well head back to bed.

Made from our own handcrafted green tea butter, which gives your skin a luxurious and creamy feel, calendula and lavender infusions for healing, white and brown sugars for exfoliation, activated charcoal salts and red Hawaiian alaea salts for detoxing, french green clay to draw out your bodies impurities and himalayan salts to add trace minerals back into your skin. Plus magnesium to help destress and unwind. Your skin and body will have never felt so good. oh. my. yum. (not actually edible) 12 oz or 24 oz


customer love: "I purchased the grapefruit & salt body butter & body scrub when you were in Dubuque for the Art Festival in May & absolutely LOVED them both!"


"Hi! I got your shipment on Thursday. Finally got to try it...I started with the Lime & Bergamot. I love it! I love the way you can smell the natural ingredients, and not overly flowery, synthetic scents. I may even get my husband to try it out. Can't wait to try the other scents! Thanks!"

sweet & salty magnesium body scrub: lime & bergamot

  • cane sugar, calendula infused cold pressed olive oil, brown sugar, red hawaiian salt, black lava salt (activated charcoal salt), himalayan salt, epsom salts, dead sea salt, green tea infused shea butter, french green clay, essential oil blend (dependent on the scent)

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