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emerging from hibernation and a 15 year old teen

Winter life in the country, for me, has always been about rest. Well, as much rest as a single, homeschooling mama, who heats her house with wood and hauls water can get. Around here, things do slow down. The knitting comes out, the games get dusted off, the unread books get read and somehow, our souls get a bit more nourished. There are no schedules to keep, no places to go, no markets to attend. Time just slows and with it, connections to the people we love grow.

My son turned 15 this past winter. On one hand, not very remarkable in the grand scheme of things, but on the other hand...

so very remarkable

This boy...I mean, emerging man...grew up over this past winter. I won't say that it didn't go quick because... well, you know that it did.

so very quick

But with that, I have this overwhelming happiness of who he is turning out to be and a joy so deep that I have the honor to witness it... each and every day.

From chopping wood to hauling water, cooking meals to washing dishes, reading stories to his little sister and saving money for his future RV, he stepped into his own place in our family...just the way he always has. By enjoying the journey it takes to get there.

He has started a business, bought his own computer, sold his cow and bought some pigs. He is making his own video game, building walls in the house and teaching his youngest sister how to read. Did I say how much I love this one?

And with that, has emerged a wise teacher. Showing me that life is not about the end result, but the little things along the way that make up the beauty in our lives. He has taught me that we can rewrite the teen years as something entirely positive...and when approached in a respectful way, there is no rebellion. None.

Instead, what has transpired is a dialogue that encourages curious questioning. A safe place to test limits and boundaries. And lots of room to become the person that he wants to be.

Because this is his journey, and I know my son well enough to know he is going to love it.

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