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  • Pennya (Yaya)

seen through the eyes of a seven year old

This short blog was written by my seven year old, who has gone through many names. Her newest one is Pennya. These are her words (with my interpretations in parentheses...)

I am Pennya (previously known as Yaya). I am seven years old. I have a sister and a brother and I have a mama (that's me). I don't have a dad but I have lots of other people in my life that love me and I also love them. My brother's name is Parker and he is fifteen. My sister's name is Presley and she is 12 years old. My mama's real name is Robyn and she is 45. What I like about our house is the beautiful mountain ridge and it has a bunch of rocks. In the rocks there are some rattlesnakes.

On the west side of our house, we have a treasure tree. We call it the treasure tree because it has broken pieces of glass (i.e. treasures) and a tree house. The tree house has a ladder. We also have a pool by the treasure tree. Right now it is not filled up because it was getting green and gross (translation: the kids did not keep it clean). We also have a trampoline. Rich (our neighbor) mowed it for us so that we could have a flat space to run around and put the trampoline (thanks Rich!). We have a farm. It has some cows. They are heifers. We have thirty or twenty chickens but (abrupt change of topic) it was frosty a couple days ago and when we planted our tomatoes, it didn't make it through the frost storm. Presley (back on the farm topic) has two bunnies. The girl is named Joy and the boy is named Oscar. My job on the farm is to feed the chickens and get their eggs, but all of us check on the new kittens while we are down there. Our cat just gave birth to four kittens in one of the nesting boxes where we usually get our eggs. We also have two dogs. The little one is named Joey and the big one is named Cyrus. They sometimes steal the eggs when we are not looking. And we actually have three cats, but one of them moved to our neighbors we visit him often.

We have a few neighbors down the road. On the west side of our house lives a family of four. And on the east side, we have a family of two, named Rich and Renate. And back to us. My mom and my brother are mellow people called introverts ( so true) and me and my sister are kinda extroverts (even more true). And inside the house we have two chicks that our friend, Nicole gave us. One is named Cracker and one is named Laxative, Laxie for short. (Laxative taken from Presley's favorite book series 'Clementine')

We added an audtion (addition) onto the house. A couple month ago we started building a boardwalk to the creek because we didn't want to step in the funky water where the marsh was. I kinda miss the old house because it had a fallen down tree. But this place has a few fallen down trees, so it's ok. At the bottom of the meadow, we have a couple Halloween trees. They never get any leaves, though.

OK, I am done telling you about our land. Now I am going to tell you about me. I love to bike. I love to play games with my family but sometimes they have too much work to do, so I have to keep myself busy (life on the farm is busy). The best thing I love about this place is hanging out with my mama and I am grateful for all of the flowers in the springtime. That is mostly all about my life...seen through the eyes of a seven year old.

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