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Kristi Pink on PINK Wellness and giving yourself permission

It is not very often, you come across an amazing woman. One who resonates with your very core. One who you just know, in some other lifetime, you were just connected. Somehow.

Meet Kristi Pink. Wonder Woman and integrative health coach. She transforms lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually, by offering up a safe environment, educating people to a whole body approach to healing and...listening. She feels that all people have have their own tools that enable them to uncover their own strengths. Kristi helps them unleash their power so they can live the life they were meant to live.

Whatever that may be for each individual.

"Integrative nutrition and health are so important because it encompasses mind, body and spirit, through high mileage and impactful questions. Together we piece your story, your priorities, and your vision." States Pink. "When any one of the 3 pillars are off balance the whole system falters and together we build a sturdy foundation and anchor. There are no cookie cutter approaches here, my work is customized to the individual and provides the framework for long lasting change one conversation, one change at a time."

And guess what? Pink has opened her own practice in Minneapolis..PINK Wellness (Personalized Integrative Nourishing Know-How for the mind body and spirit).

Pink is combining her childhood aspirations of teaching with her love of cheerleading to bring these very special gifts to you. "It's interesting to me that these childhood desires have manifested into health coaching, where I can use my knowledge and expertise from traditional nutrition practices, yet incorporate integrative and progressive functional knowledge that I have learned along the way through education (teaching) and coaching (a personal cheerleader of sorts)." States Pink.

And her wisdom doesn't stop there. She encourages adults to relearn our childhood, in a sense...give yourself permission...she says, "As an integrative health coach, its an interesting word to talk with adults about. It comes up in nearly every conversation and its often a pain point. When I say "it's ok to give yourself permission to....." and the tears weld in the eyes."

"You see this one word goes back a long way, it's deep rooted. It's part of our story. From childhood we ask permission to be excused, to go to the bathroom, to speak, to go out and play, to have a friend over. This carries into adulthood where we ask for permission to buy something, to leave early, to take a vacation, to go out with friends and so on.....We inherently learn that we need to ask for something that we want or need before we can take action. So much so that when it comes to our health that we often feel indifferent or guilty about asking for permission and even more so for taking time that we need to for ourselves. For our own benefit. We lose sight of the fact that by taking the time we need we are also benefiting everyone around us, our kids, our co workers, our family, our community because when we take care of ourselves we can better take care of all that is around us."

"It's ok to give yourself permission to do something good for yourself. Whether its taking time to exercise, reading a book, getting a massage, working on a personal dream, or spending quiet time doing nothing. It's ok to give yourself permission."

Permission to do something just for yourself. When is the last time we did something just for us? Just for you.

What will you give yourself permission to do today?

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