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I have missed you!

Well...hello there. It has been a while, I know. You have been on my mind these last few months and I have been looking forward to catching up. Similar to how I look forward to curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a really good book...that is how I think of you, friend.

Lots has happened in the past couple months since we last spoke. For starters, we sold our farm! As much as we loved it, we wanted to downsize in order to fully be more present with you. We are in the process of building a home on a smaller piece of land with some close friends. There are hills, green valleys, quiet roads and a creek to swim in...even two mulberry trees to snack on after a long day of hiking. I hope you will come and visit (but remember, I am an introvert, so call ahead). I will make us sun tea and homemade cookies and we will sit on the porch all afternoon and catch up. If you stay past dinner, we will sit by the fire and roast organic marshmallows and share a hard cider while we watch the stars. Have I told you about the night stars? You can see them for miles and they add just enough light so that we can find our way back to the house when it gets dark.

We also took a much needed month long vacation out West. I wish you could have come with us. We soaked in hot springs, swam in the ocean, hiked mountains, visited with friends and family and ate some really good food. We visited the Grand canyon, Alcatraz and The Petrified Forests. We visited Las Vegas (all of my sheltering of the children was completely undone in two hours of Las Vegas, by the way) to see a couple shows and soak in a rooftop pool and Arizona to see my two favorite uncles. I reconnected with three friends from high school, which I have found that I missed more than I thought, and made a few new friends that I imagine will be friends for life. 

But, as always, it feels good to be back. I mean it feels great to be back. This is my home and as much fun as our trip was, this place, the driftless...well, nothing really compares to it. And to you dear friend...well, you are irreplaceable.

So we are back in full swing, and thanks to you, we are busier than ever. We will be in Rochester, Mn for the Thursdays on First & 3rd market and on Saturdays, we will see you in Madison. I have really appreciated the love letters you send when you try a new product (and we have A LOT of them), so please keep them coming. You always have had such nice things to say. Until then, friend, I will keep you in my thoughts and I really hope to see you soon.

Love always,


Blue Egg Farmstore

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