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if no one has told you today...

I have to admit. I really like my life. I really like myself. I like what I am doing, who I am becoming, how I am handling tough situations (sometimes with grace, sometimes not). I like the mistakes I am making, the wrong turns I have taken, the lessons I am learning,. I like that I can look back at something objectively and pick out the pieces I enjoyed, to carry with me... and then to just leave the rest behind. I like it all...but it wasn't always like this.

You see....I am just like everyone else. I have my bumps, my moments where I just want to throw in the towel...moments where I just want to fast...and not come back. I have those 'cry yourself to sleep' nights, the 'can't get off the couch' days, the 'where did all of the ice cream go' emotions. I get scared, angry, sad...impulsive, reckless, worried....I get all of that. But lately, what I have been coming around to, is embracing every little piece of me. All of it. And liking that part too.

Because it is important to not piece ourselves not pick and choose what we will pay attention to and what gets ignored. We are a package deal, ladies. We step up in all of our beauty and darkness and love. Every little bit of you gets loved. Every little bit.


So this Thanksgiving, I invite you to find those dark corners within and shed a bit of gentle light on to them. See them, love them, honor them. Know that, without them, you wouldn't be your badass self that we all love.

Happy Thanksgiving friends...

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