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taking a me day

It's finally starting to feel a little bit like winter, here in Wisconsin. Like...finally. I know this isn't the most popular way of thinking around here, but I have a tendency to not do anything half-assed and I expect the weather to go along with this too. I mean, if we are going to have a should be a good one. Lots of snow, several below zero days, hot chocolate by the fire after sledding, some cross country know...a true Wisconsin winter. But friends, let's be real. It's been a little lackluster, so far. My woodpile barely has a dent in it, there have been zero snow days off from school for the kids, the powdered cocoa mix is still unopened and those cute marshmallow stir sticks the kids got in their stockings for Christmas? Well, they are still in their wrappers under the tree. Even my ten year old was starting to get a bit grumpy with this less than impressive winter, so I did what any responsible mom would do...I talked her into playing hooky from school.

You see...I am still getting used to this school thing. Most of you know that all of my kids have been homeschooled their entire academic career. Until the 16 year old declared mutiny and jumped ship, taking the ten year old with her. I am ok with it...really. They both love it and more importantly, they made the decision based on what they were needing, which was more structure and more social time. And with that, of course, my days have changed too. And the more I allow and welcome this change in my life, the more graceful my days seem to be. But last week......

Last week my ten year old came home and told me that her teacher announced to the class that students should not ever take a 'me' day. Like, never. If they were truly sick or contagious, then they should stay home, but in class. Before I had a chance to discredit this teacher's ‘wisdom‘, my ten year old said..."you know mom, I think taking care of yourself emotionally is just as important as taking care of yourself physically."

Cue mom patting herself on the back.

I mean...really...don't take a 'me' day? I get that it makes it harder to have to go back and re-teach what the kids have missed, that it disrupts this controlled setting called the classroom, that there are only a certain amount of days to be missed before you have to make them up, etc... but don't take a 'me' day?

cue woman spitting out her coffee from laughing

So I promptly sat my daughter down and planned our next 'me' day...because we both needed it.

And that is how we ended up having spaghetti at 7 in the morning and cereal at 6 at night while still in our pj's. That is how we ended up, in the middle of the day watching an entire season of The Durels in Corfu on PBS while cuddled on the couch. That's how the 1000 piece doughnut puzzle got finished, the snowcreature in the front yard was built, the hike by the creek was taken, the half hour nap was done. That's how Ticket to Ride was played three times in a row and I finished my book. That was why the cookies are all gone (including the milk), the kitchen is a mess, the laundry is not done, the bed is still unmade. This is why. Because we both decided to take a 'me' day...and it was lovely.

You see, readers...the more we take care of ourselves. The more we listen to exactly what we are needing. The more we practice self-love. The more we disregard the shoulds and replace them with coulds. The more we lean in. The more we connect with others. The more gratitude we have. The more we breathe.

The more we breathe.

The more sweeter life gets to be. The more joy fills our hearts. The more love finds it’s way into those dark crevices. The more lighter we feel. The more happiness surrounds us. And that’s the good stuff.

Friends...This is our world. This is our time. We might wake up tomorrow and our life might drastically change. Or it might not. But if we don't enjoy the journey...I mean really enjoy the journey...wherever it takes just doesn't seem worth it then, does it? Breathe it in friends and tell me what you plan on doing on your next 'me' day.

I know it is going to be a good one.

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