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I will turn 50 this year. As I write that, I think someone else must be claiming this. Someone else must be taking over this blog and pretending to be me. I mean that's kind of old, right? And with the new year just a few days back, I have started to take a look at things and realized that this forward movement we all are a part of just keeps going whether we are ready for it or not. Whether we want to actively particiapte in it or not. Whether we count the years methodically, hide under the covers, live in fear or live each day like it is our last. It still moves. With or without us. So friends, let's step up and figure out how to live our best life. And paying attention to the experiences and lessons from the previous year can help us...

For me, this past year was all about fun and adventure. For the good part of the year, I dated a man who was completely beautiful, but broke everything good in his path. We traveled a lot together, experienced new things and loved each other without boundaries. And when it was time to say goodbye, we did. Not as graceful as what I am used to, but also without too many hard feelings. It was a kickass year full of newness and mystery but since we parted, honestly, life has been even sweeter.

But to get to this place, I also had to do some challenging work to plant my feet on more solid ground. To get my life to be where I wanted it, I had to navigate how I wanted to move forward...because change can be hard. I mean really hard. No matter how much it is needed or's a process that sometimes requires you to reassess what you are doing and where you want to go. It's a process that requires throwing out pieces that aren't working and grapsing at the ones that are. It's about cleaning house. I mean...deep cleaning your inner house. Taking stock of what's been neglected, what's been ignored and opening up those curtains to let that light shine in. It's about dusting off the tables you haven't paid attention to. Sweeping under the couch to find things hidden that you didn't even know were there. Throwing away the leftovers in the fridge that no longer suit you. And replacing it with...well... whatever you want.

That's right, ladies...with whatever you want.

You want a new man? Go get one. You want to be single? Do it. You want to travel more? Start planning. New job? Get those skills. You want to create more happiness in your life?'ve come to the right place.

Because, let me tell you a little secret about happiness. It doesn't come from anyone or anything else. Being a goddess and having those feelings...already exists within you. The reason you feel it when you are with someone or doing something you love is because that feeling already resides within you. It already is you. Let that sink in.

It's you.

Those moments when you feel completely loved and held? You. Those moments, however fleeting, when you feel like everything is going your way? You again. And since it is a part of your essence (however big or small), you can access these feelings anytime you want, call upon them, and moving forward...take them with you. Everywhere you go.

It's time to boss up, ladies, and start loving everything about your life. However big. However small. And if you don't...that's your call to start creating a life you can love...because that's where the beauty in this is. That's where change becomes exciting. That's where the good stuff lies...within whatever you decide to create.

Days are passing. Moments are disappearing. It's time to live your best life. Step into it with your shoulders back, head high and a deep breath. And know...this is going to be good.

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